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NOTICE: Volunteer Sustainability.  If we have only one resident site manager at OC we can only take 3 guests.  Extra residential volunteers allow more guests.  We require 2 volunteers along with an on-site manager to allow full booking of the centre.

Classical Mindfulness Learning Week 14-19 August with Coorain practitioners.

Bookings and enrollments are preferred, but informal attendance is welcome. If you are staying at the Centre, please don’t forget to book your accommodation at 97641109. Classical Mindfulness is a non-sectarian, universal tool for human welfare. The method is understandable and useful. It combines both calm and insight. Meditation is well supported by mindfulness practice. The teachers are provided by Coorain.

This is be followed by the enrolled retreat 20-24 August with Chimé

Enrolled retreat: This year the monthly Traditional Mindfulness Training Week will be immediately followed by a five day enrolled quiet retreat, commencing on the Friday. This is a chance to continue Mindfulness practice or to do a short retreat. Children are welcome during enrolled retreat; mostly for adults though. Retreatants should be self-reliant in practice and familiar with Traditional Mindfulness. There is a group session each day 4 – 5pm. Enrollment is essential. Locals can also come and participate.   Contact Coorain for more details 97641275 and the Centre for bookings.

Balingup Medieval Fair 28, 29 August – we need all the shoulder rubbing peeps and enthusiasts to gather together for our Coorain fundraising stall! Also craft support and produce (cakes! biscuits, etc.) needed. Stall helpers are required to dress up in some sort of medieval costume. Contact Romy 9764 1275 at Coorain. The centre is also open for accommodation to those who are coming to help support our stall.

Announcement: We have just been awarded a volunteer grant of $3,700.  Many thanks to Romy and Anne.  This grant is for outreach and training. Cheers, every bit makes a huge difference.

Residential Volunteer: Coral Emery is staying for one month during August. Thank you Coral.

Stand in Site-Manager for end August, Sept and October: Position filled by Peter Brett….YAAAYYY!! Thanks Pete!

NEEDED: Volunteer On-Site Office Manager. Is there anyone who could fill this position.  Nice cottage, beautiful people, idyllic situation, etc etc… Opportunity for someone who may want to study, or pursue a personal interest. For further info on the job please contact: Chime or Anne at Coorain 9764 1275.

We will let you know when Sue leaves so you can come and say goodbye and thanks for all the good work she has put in over the last two and a half years!

Temporary Volunteer Staff:   Room and facilities are provided in exchange for general domestic duties.  Two hours per day, Wednesday to Sunday. One month minimum. Access to Mindfulness classes, Coorain and other events.  Anyone interested please contact the Centre or Anne at 97641275.


9:00am Puja in rotunda

11:15am Mums and children mindfulness sessions with Anne – in rotunda

12:30pm Share lunch – a great chance to catch up with what’s happening at OC

If you would like to come before lunch on Wednesdays to help with small jobs around the centre, please feel welcome.


14-19/8 Mindfulness Training Week

20-24/8 Enrolled retreat

28-29/8 Medieval Fair Balingup

3-5/9 AA retreat (closed)

11-16/9 Mindfulness Training Week

17-21/9 Enrolled Retreat

2-7/10 Family Mindfulness Training Week

22-24/10 Hospice of Mother Tara

6-12/11 Mindfulness Training Week

13/11-26/11 Mindfulness/Insight/Luminous Mind Retreat (two weeks)

4/12 World Peace Pagoda Celebration – 9th Anniversary

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