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Hi Everybody,
Sorry for the large gap in time between posts. There has been a few changes and great new happenings at Coorain and Origins, and lots of coming and goings.

This first post is to highlight the new format of O.C online. The next post will be an update of new adventures in the non-digital world.

Firstly, Origins and Coorain are now on Facebook (in the Facebook search field type “Origins Centre and Coorain, Balingup”). Get live updates of upcoming events and photos of happenings. Click on ‘Like” and you will automatically join the O.C and Coorain newsfeed, comment, connect and reconnect. You must be a member of Facebook to join this.

Secondly, the website is now a place to access those important bi-monthly updates and minutes of board meetings. As our secretary is away in the northern hemisphere we cannot continue to email the updates directly.
This is a great new feature. Sign up to have the updates emailed to you.
The site now has a person dedicated to its upkeep (thanks Rachel!).

Thirdly, with all this online activity, the blog will continue. Weaving these streams together, and a place for the online Origins and Coorain community to congregate. We recognise that not everyone wants to join Facebook!

And Remember to hit the RSS feed button at the top of the page to receive automatic notifications when we update the blog,

Looking forward to reading your Comments!

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