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FACEBOOK: under ‘Origins Centre and Coorain, Balingup’
Blog: https://originscentre.wordpress.com

Treasury balance: Approximately $14,000


Mindfulness Practice Weekend 13-14 August with Chimé. Two sessions 9:30am and 3:30pm both days. People can stay on longer if they wish to keep practicing. Bookings and enrollments are preferred, but informal attendance is welcome. Classical Mindfulness is a non-sectarian, universal tool for human welfare. The method is understandable and useful. It combines both calm and insight. Meditation is well supported by mindfulness practice.

Origins Centre 28th Birthday 20-21 August A special time for friends to gather, share food, plant some native foods, and tour the developing OC parkland. Please come and enjoy.

30 July – 1 August: Coorain Weekend with Dolma

13-14 August: Mindfulness Training Weekend

20-21 August: Origins Centre’s 28th Birthday celebration

27-28 August: Coorain Weekend with Chimé

2-4 September: Lama Choedak Retreat. Contact Jeremy Ball (08) 6191 0011 for enquires and info.

10-11 September: Mindfulness Training Weekend

24-25 September: Coorain Weekend

8-9 October: Mindfulness Training Weekend

29-30 October: Lama Tarchin Teaching. Contact Usha on 0438 828 587 for enquires and info.

12-13 November: Mindfulness Training Weekend

3-4 December: 10th Anniversary of World Peace Pagoda celebration.

Caretaker Needed. Staff – From time to time long and short term staff are needed. There is almost always an opportunity to help Origins and pursue your own interests too! Contact Robyne at the centre for enquiries.

Lavanya has joined us as temp staff
Dean has joined us as our Caretaker – Welcome to you both!

Peter and Lou for bricks!
Balvinder, Gurpreet and Neesha for a wonderful evening of music in the rotunda.
Toby for his fine cooking and companionship.
Paul Carter + Isis for offering us one of their computers!


Large (2.5x4m approx) thick rugs for the rotunda – plain gold, or maroon, red, or earth colours.
New tea towels
Set of queen size sheets and 2 single sets of sheets (good quality second hand ok)
Pillow slips

NOTICE: Does anyone have a trailer in Perth that could be borrowed for a few days to transport bricks down to OC? Contact Robyne.

Amnesty on returning our tupperware! No questions asked….(sheesh, think I shall look in MY cupboard!)


Bush Parkland – stage two is well and truly underway with invasive weed control, planting, paths and habitat. We should be able to access funding next year but still require some bridging finance for the rest of 2011.

Donations – so much thanks and appreciation to all who support the centre in this way. Every little bit makes a huge difference: If you would like to support OC financially, the Origins Centre bank details are as follows: Account Name: Origins Centre BSB 066504 and Account Number: 10017993.

Lama Choedak : Calm Abiding Retreat 2-4 September Contact Jeremy Ball (08) 6191 0011
Lama Tarchin : October 29th and 30th. Contact Usha 0438 828 587 Tarchin established the wangapeka in NZ and is a dear friend who teaches in our lineage network.

FAMILY KINDY Kindy continues each Monday from 10am to 2pm and is growing with 3-4 families now traveling from Nannup, Bridgetown, and locally of course. Contact Fiona for more kindy details on 97641806

SUNDAYS: 3:30PM Mindfulness Practice in the rotunda with Anne. Open to all, experience not necessary.

WEDNESDAYS: 9AM Puja in rotunda; 12:30PM shared pot luck lunch. If you would like to help with odd jobs in and around the centre Wednesday mornings is the time to come. All welcome, it’s always lovely to socialize and eat yummy food!

Mondays at 5:45pm – 6:45pm. Ailsa and Dolma’s house: 19 Wellington Street, Mosman Park.
For more info, contact Dolma 0405 456 863

Usha offers teaching and other classes at Yoga Moves

With warm wishes,Team Origins

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Coorain Update 18/7


Web site: http://origins.mysouthwest.com.au
FACEBOOK: under ‘Origins Centre and Coorain, Balingup’
Blog: https://originscentre.wordpress.com

ABOUT COORAIN AND ORIGINS CENTRE’S FUTURE UPDATES Guess you all know by now that we will no longer be using our email list to send our updates. This is the last Coorain update to be sent out like this. In future please check the website for all NEWS AND UPDATES. Alternatively you can still have the updates come to your email address by signing up at: http://origins.mysouthwest.com.au/Sign%20Up


Anne here sitting at Coorain. Today started with -2 degrees, clear, bright and a frost all about – winter is here, our outdoor water shrine is frozen!

Chimé who is teaching in New Zealand sends his best wishes to all. It has been a busy and successful visit. He arrives in Christchurch today for a short stay, then Auckland. Happy travels Chimé and a safe return.


Sacred Art and Theatre: A committed group explore our Friday’s Sacred Art and Theatre. This is a rich day of exploration and fun. If you can commit to this day then please do join in.

Puja (plainsong chants) is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7 AM. All welcome to join in. Texts are available at Coorain.

Coorain work mornings are Thursdays until 11 AM. Why not come to puja and breakfast first?!

Coorain Weekends: The next ‘Coorain Weekend’ will be with Dolma on July 30 and August 1. Starting with the Wongkur of Maitraya at 9:30AM Saturday.

The last ‘Coorain Weekend’ went well, the topic was Refuge and a Sakyamuni Wongkur (see our blog for photos) with Dolma.

Coorain Retreats. We have two cabins available for short and long term retreat/study. Some instruction time for discussion can also be arranged.

Brian continues with the physical care, planting, pathways and weed control between Coorain and OC. A big thanks – such a beautiful project evolving. We have had some precious rain so have been able to proceed with plantings. Thank you to Tintuppa Nursery for the gift of local plants collected from seed in the upper section of the Balingup Brook. This will be at the end of August and for immediate planting. If you would like to help dig holes please join us!

Any donations to this ongoing vital and important work can be made to: Origins Centre Inc, Coorain. A/c # 066 504 10056415.

This project which supports the Karmapa’s Nunnery in Rumtek, Sikkim, is really worth supporting. It has been cared for by Marina for 13 years now, with all funds taken by hand to the Nunnery. So if you know of a good venue for incense sales then please let us know. Or you could buy a few yourself. There will be a trip to visit the nuns later this year so we are hoping to sell a few more tubes before then.

Sarva Mangalam

08 9764 1275

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Linking Links

You may have noticed a few new categories of links to the right hand side of our home page. Origins is in such a unique position to have connections with many people, groups, ideas, places and things going on locally and globally, that we have listed a few here for you all to be able to see the vibrant community we are all a part of. This list and its categories is by no means finalized, so if you feel we have left something out, or perhaps there is something we should know of, please get in touch and keep the list alive!

Contact: drol.lu@yahoo.co.in


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Chime is currently touring New Zealand, connecting with old friends and meeting new. Some wonderful connections have been made with news to come. Here are some images from the Amitayus Sacred Art and Theatre teaching at the Wangapeka  study and retreat Centre ( http://www.wangapeka.org/ our friends in the global network of Namgyal Rinpoche)



Amitayus Shrine


Amitayus Shrine, living Room


Chime is now teaching in Queenstown, at the Queenstown Dharma House (click on the link for Chimes teaching schedule and more info regarding our friends at the centre). People are welcome to come and do retreat!


Its cold and beautiful.



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Since the beginning of last year, a day a week has been set aside for Sacred art and Theatre exploration, Fridays at 9.30 am. The day has begun with a Wongkur, and then a class on the Archetype, followed by a discussion in the afternoon unlocking the universal themes from the mornings work. A thread is then chosen and expressed with the group building a universal shrine to the principle together. This has proved to be a wonderfully enriching and stimulating experience for those involved, a way of exploring the archetypal world that is difficult to define and universal.

This last month has seen a change in the format, with the group taking a universal theme that they would like to explore, rather than beginning with a traditional Tibetan Archetype. The Coorain weekends at the end of June and July will follow the old format, over the Saturday and Sunday.

In the gallery below you can view the shrines from the new format (Neighbour) and the June Coorain weekend (Refuge) as well as shrines from this last year of exploration.

(When viewing the gallery, use your mouse to hover over each photo to reveal a little more info for each image.)

More photos of the Friday explorations can be viewed on the Origins and Coorain Facebook page:


For more information contact Anne at Coorain: 08 9764 1275, coorain@sctelco.net.au

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