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The Friday Sacred Art and Theatre Days are going strong, with a core group of dedicated people. The last couple of Fridays have involved exploration of the practice of Chenrezig (Tibetan Archetype of the embodiment of Universal Compassion), and various aspects described within the text.

Here are a few photos of recent Chenrezig exploration .We do the wongkur, then discuss the text from the point of view of one of the different aspects of compassion raised in the text. The top group photos consider compassion in relationship to the healing of ignorance within the bounds of animal nature. The major colour/mood is sky blue. The bottom group of photos reflect the compassion which is needed for the healing of doubt and desire, which is said to afflict humanity. The major mood/colour is gold.
It seems to be getting to the point where the exercise is quick and has a flow to it, a collective endeavour.

Please comment and let us know your thoughts! If you are wanting to be involved in the Sacred Art Explorations in Balingup or Perth, you can contact Dolma or Coorain directly (details provided on this site).








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Coorain Update 16/8/11

COORAIN UPDATE 16 August 2011

Web site: http://origins.mysouthwest.com.au
FACEBOOK: under ‘Origins Centre and Coorain, Balingup’
Blog: https://originscentre.wordpress.com

SPRING appears to have started. The birds are dressing for the season; the first nests are being made; the lettuces are coming up too and, of course, the grass is growing!

Dean has made a stone foundation for the new composting dunny for the sheoak cabin and he will soon make a new stairway across from the front door of Coorain. Its sure great to have a mason onside! Thank you Dean.

FRIDAY’S SACRED ART & THEATRE : These sessions are really fruitful. The sadhanas are opening to the creative process and each Friday results in an installation around a theme. We are working now on Chenrezi and the expression of compassion according to the six needs. Last Friday was in relation to dullness and stupidity; this Friday is about deep greed and compulsive desire (the preta realm). Sessions go from 7AM to 1PM followed by potluck lunch. Wongkur is at 9:30AM. Please join us if you like. Contact Anne at Coorain.

COORAIN WEEKEND 27th & 28th AUGUST: Puja 7:00AM and AMITAYUS WONGKUR at 9:00AM, then discussion on the Wongkur with hands on sacred art and theatre. All welcome, although you can just attend the wongkur.

PLAINSONG: Each Tuesday, Thursday and friday at 7AM there is chanting for an hour at Coorain. Soon an extended ‘Choir’ chant will start as a part of the sacred art and theatre exploration.

MELBOURNE: Chimé is teaching in Melbourne on the 17th & 18th of September. The Saturday is in the city and the Sunday will be at Phil Rebakis’ family home in Rye (1 Michael St.) on the Mornington Peninsula. You are welcome to come. Please contact Chimé or Anne here at Coorain. The Saturday venue will be announced shortly. All by donation.

INDIA AND SRI LANKA: On 13th FEBRUARY, 2012 Chime, Kim, Tobias and Saya will be going to Sri Lanka and India to check out volunteering at Dharma related NGO’s as well as visiting the nuns and the Gyaltshens in Sikkim. This will be quite a focused trip, meeting people and planning further involvements. We used to frequent Sri Lanka and now that Bev has reopened friendships there, it would be good to return.We will also visit Nagpur where the Ambedkar organisation has a training centre. Chimé will speak there on the subject of activism and the teachings. To inquire or register interest contact Coorain.

LAMA CHOEDAK: Unfortunately, Lama Choedak cannot come to Coorain. We sincerely hope that he can return to us one day.


CHENREZI WONGKUR Wednesday August 31st at 7:30PM

This wonderful celebration of compassion enriches the imagination. It is at Usha’s Yoga Moves Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park (opposite the lake). It is a teaching wongkur open to all. Please be on time. Chimé will give the wongkur.

PERSONAL DIALOGUE: Chime will be in Perth on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd September. Contact Anne at Coorain.


This great project is really doing well. It is now in the next phase of planting, paths and planning. We are determined to have a rural classroom or perhaps a social business to finance the ongoing work, year after year. That’s the thing: it’s each week forever and that seems to be what’s needed. I guess we do live in Australia and human care is essential in our environment.

Tintuppa, (THANK YOU!), a local nursery, have contributed 300 local plants and we have masses of mixed local seed to sow into the ash beds.

If you have an interest in this sort of work, please get in touch – perhaps you could help. Erin, a cartographer, has set us straight for future mapping. Does anyone have some spare binoculars?

We are trying to raise some more funds, say $10,000, to get us through this next phase. Chim will be seeing TAFE soon about our offering training for skill sets.

RETREATS: Kate has just finished a much appreciated week here at Coorain. We have one cabin available if you want…

Friends from NZ will be here soon to do retreat also.


Sarva Mangalam

08 9764 1275

photo by Dean

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Travels in India

Both Chime and Dolma are traveling to India to visit old friends and make new connections in the coming months.

Chime will be in India from February 13th to the 29th to build connections within the Dr. Ambedkar organisations; to visit the nuns and our dear friends in Sikkim and to visit an NGO called Sarvo Daya, in Sri Lanka. Chimes trip will be concentrated, on the move and business like.

Dr Ambedkar, also known as Babasaheb, was an Indian jurist, political leader, philosopher, thinker, anthropologist, historian, orator, prolific writer, economist, scholar, editor, and a revolutionary. He was also the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution. Born into a poor Mahar (considered an Untouchable caste) family, Ambedkar spent his whole life fighting against social discrimination, the system of Chaturvarna — the categorization of Hindu society into four varnas — and the Hindu caste system. He converted to Buddhism and is also credited with providing a spark for the conversion of hundreds of thousands of untouchables to Theravada Buddhism. Ambedkar was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, in 1990.  (Thank-you Wikipedia)

For more info on Dr B.R Ambedkar click here.

Dolma will be in India for December and January, to attend the Monlam world peace prayers underneath the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya with the nuns and our friends within the wider Karma Kagyu community. The Prayers will be held from the 14th to the 20th of December and lead by His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje. More info on Monlam HERE

Dolma will then travel up to Sikkim and spend time with the nuns, while in Bodhgaya the festivities will continue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama giving the Kalachakra Tantra teachings from 31st of December to 10th of Jan (a wonderful opportunity, don’t miss it!, Kalachakra website HERE. Some of our friends from Australia will be in Bodhgaya for this. Dolma will also spend some time in Dhera Dun with the Drikung Kagyu where she was ordained.

You are welcome to join any part of these trips, so please get in touch!

To join Chime, please call Coorain: (08) 9764 1275

To join Dolma, please email: drol.lu@yahoo.co.in

Stay tuned for further developments…

Pam, Dolma and the Mahabodhi Stupa (the tree is above Pams head), Feb 2011

Dr Ambedkar

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