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The Friday Sacred Art and Theatre Days are going strong, with a core group of dedicated people. The last couple of Fridays have involved exploration of the practice of Chenrezig (Tibetan Archetype of the embodiment of Universal Compassion), and various aspects described within the text.

Here are a few photos of recent Chenrezig exploration .We do the wongkur, then discuss the text from the point of view of one of the different aspects of compassion raised in the text. The top group photos consider compassion in relationship to the healing of ignorance within the bounds of animal nature. The major colour/mood is sky blue. The bottom group of photos reflect the compassion which is needed for the healing of doubt and desire, which is said to afflict humanity. The major mood/colour is gold.
It seems to be getting to the point where the exercise is quick and has a flow to it, a collective endeavour.

Please comment and let us know your thoughts! If you are wanting to be involved in the Sacred Art Explorations in Balingup or Perth, you can contact Dolma or Coorain directly (details provided on this site).








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Chime is currently touring New Zealand, connecting with old friends and meeting new. Some wonderful connections have been made with news to come. Here are some images from the Amitayus Sacred Art and Theatre teaching at the Wangapeka  study and retreat Centre ( http://www.wangapeka.org/ our friends in the global network of Namgyal Rinpoche)



Amitayus Shrine


Amitayus Shrine, living Room


Chime is now teaching in Queenstown, at the Queenstown Dharma House (click on the link for Chimes teaching schedule and more info regarding our friends at the centre). People are welcome to come and do retreat!


Its cold and beautiful.



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